Can Magna Wave PEMF be used on Pregnant Mares? Is it safe?

Magna Wave PEMF CEO Pat Ziemer was recently posed the question, “Can Magna Wave PEMF be used on pregnant mares?” Before answering, he clarified that when you ask about a pregnant mare the same rules would apply to pregnant dogs, pregnant small animals, and of course pregnant women.

Most doctors and any veterinarian would most likely tell you that it’s contraindicated to do most anything around a pregnant mare, pregnant dog, pregnant small animal or pregnant woman. We don’t want to do anything to disturb the foal, or the fetus, and potentially have any issues come up. Therefore, as a general rule, we don’t treat pregnant mares, dogs, small animals or people with Magna Wave PEMF.

When can Magna Wave PEMF be used on Pregnant Mares?

With doctor approval only. There have been occasions when we’ve received a call, or the doctor has had a situation, where a mare was going to founder. They needed to help her feet and help things be healthier and stay healthy. Practically speaking, if you lose your mare you lose your foal anyway, so there’s always that to consider. When we have a doctor’s specific request, clear permission, that’s really the only time Magna Wave PEMF can be used on pregnant mares, small animals, or pregnant women.

Can a pregnant Magna Wave PEMF practitioner continue working with the machines?

If you’re a Magna Wave PEMF practitioner that is pregnant and wonder if it’s safe to continue working with the equipment, we recommend checking with your doctor. You can, however, be in the room with the machine. Considering people who work with computers or use microwaves continue to do so when they’re pregnant it kind of falls into the same category. There have also been instances of women eight months pregnant with swollen feet, or aching legs, who’ve chosen to treat their ankles, obviously avoiding the general area of the baby. All of that in consideration, we still recommend following the advice of your doctor.

Doctor Approval = Magna Wave PEMF used on Pregnant Mares

We always err on the side of total safety. However, common sense plays a significant role much of the time. With regards to using Magna Wave PEMF on pregnant mares, we recommend discussing the specific situation with your doctor. The same rules apply when it comes to using Magna Wave PEMF on pregnant small animals or pregnant women, you always want to default to the doctor.

That said, if a pregnant mare, pregnant animal or pregnant person is having horrible knee pain, they can hardly walk and it’s really debilitating to their body and damaging to their pregnancy, a doctor may choose to work with you, utilizing Magna Wave PEMF therapy as a health and wellness aspect for your client. That’s always something to take a look at and consider when you’re dealing with pregnancy specifically.

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